Coronavirus vs Sars, Ebola, Mers, Swine Flu

IMPORTANT EDIT: When I made this video, there had only been only one death outside China, and the rate of new cases was slowing down. Now (March 11th) there are 4,500 deaths (3K in China), and the rates are speeding up. That’s why in this video, I had tried to convey that the epidemic was nothing to panic over. However, given that this is now a pandemic, I would STILL say not to panic, but I would no longer claim “COVID-19 kills less people than the generic flu so it’s no big deal” (as I had in this video). The current trends suggest COVID-19 is still growing exponentially, so it’s important to take actions (don’t go to large gatherings, etc. You know them all already.) that can slow the spread of the disease. We gotta make sure health care services don’t get overwhelmed, especially now that this is a big concern for at least a dozen countries. – Cary